Trial Zero 2 Boot

  • $359.99

Trial Zero 2 Boot

  • $359.99
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Micro Adjustable & Replaceable Buckle System/Velcro

Featuring a buckle closure system with each buckle operating independently. Each buckle consists of a notched strap and a hook with micrometric adjustment memory. The buckle, strap, and hook are all replaceable. The buckles have a single fixed point secured by a screw, ensuring effortless closure while accommodating the rider's leg for enhanced comfort.

The gaiter is sealed with a soft PU Velcro strap to prevent the intrusion of rocks and debris, offering a broad range of adjustment for a secure fit.


  • Stationary PU shin plate
  • Anatomically-shaped and non-deformable rigid heel

Trial Sole

Rubber outsole engineered for enhanced traction.