Mag-1 Boot

  • $449.99

Mag-1 Boot

  • $449.99
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Tecno-3 Magnetic

The Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure system, designed for ease, adaptability, and minimal weight. The Tecno-3 magnetic closure securely fastens the boot using a remarkably durable steel wire, effortlessly connecting it to the clip with the help of a magnet. Both mechanisms and retaining clips are easily replaceable for your convenience.

Micrometric Memory Strap

The Micrometric Memory Strap offers precise adjustment of the calf circumference down to the millimeter, thanks to its specialized memory-regulation straps with precise markings.

TPU Bands

Sidi's exclusive elastic textile and injection-molded polyurethane comfort panels envelop the arch and Achilles areas. In the arch region, you will find two TPU bands positioned alongside the Tecno-3 Magnetic closures, ensuring optimal arch support and a snug fit.

Support Braces System

The polyurethane rear upper is connected to the boot using two screws: one positioned beneath the TECNO-3 Magnetic mechanism on the exterior, and the other situated internally to secure the micrometric adjuster strap. These screws play a vital role in supporting and stabilizing the internal support system, constructed with carbon fiber beams that form the boot's framework. This design enables superb flexibility from front to back while maintaining sturdy lateral support. The combined action of the Tecno-3 Magnetic mechanism and the micrometric memory strap allows precise adjustment for the calf muscle's circumference to achieve a personalized fit

Asymmetric Heel Cup

Featuring an asymmetric and contoured shock-absorbing heel cup, its smooth and flat interior promotes enhanced grip with the bike. This heel cup incorporates a shock-absorption system at the rear and on the outer side. Both the shell and the shock-absorption components can be easily replaced using a combination of screws and an interlocking mechanism.

Replaceable Shin Plate

Interchangeable polyurethane shin guard