ST Air Boot

  • $379.99

ST Air Boot

  • $379.99
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Replaceable Shin Plate

Replaceable ST10 Buckle And Strap

The closure system adapts to the circumference of the leg on both sides, effectively expanding the boot's opening for effortless wear.

Ankle Support Brace and Air Ventilation System

Two nylon braces connect the ankle joint with concealed screws, concealed by a nylon cap. This mechanism provides sturdy ankle support and is fortified with fiberglass, making it simple to replace. It facilitates excellent front-to-back flex movement while maintaining lateral stability. Additionally, an air intake with an aerodynamically shaped button is incorporated into the lower outer section of the boot.

Zip Elastic Panel

Sidi has incorporated a small elastic panel to facilitate smooth zipper operation, allowing slight movement through the elasticity as the zipper glides over the rider's ankle ball.

Replaceable Slider

The slider is interchangeable and comes in options of full nylon, ceramic, or aluminum inserts.

Shock Absorbing Heel Cup

A polyurethane shell houses a shock-absorbing insert, which can be seen from the outside through tiny slits, adding to the heel's design. The shell is movable, attached to the boot with two screws that permit 3 mm of impact movement.

Top Sole

Fitted with a rubber top sole