Performer LEI Boot for Women

  • $249.99

Performer LEI Boot for Women

  • $249.99
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Features & Protections

  • Contoured and secured shin plate with lower air channels
  • Cushioned arch area
  • Internally and externally molded ankle pads
  • Ventilation in the calf area with soft polyurethane protection and mesh
  • Streamlined heel cup for improved grip on the bike
  • Includes a shift pad

Zip Elastic Panel

Sidi has introduced a small elastic panel to facilitate a seamless zipper operation by permitting slight movement through the elastic as the zipper passes over the rider's ankle joint.

Replaceable Slider

The slider is interchangeable and can be obtained with options in full nylon, ceramic, or aluminum inserts.

Top Sole

Fitted with a rubber top sole.